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Passion for tennis?

HTV Hanenburg has memberships options for everyone!

 2019 June 1st July 1st August 1st September 1st * October 1st **
  Seniors (24 years and older)  €  270,-  € 235,-  € 200,-  € 165,-  €  120,- €  40,-
  Young seniors (17-23 years)  €  210,-  € 185,-  € 165,-  € 145,-  €  100,- €  35,-
  Daluren membership (mon-fri 09.00-15.00 and  21.30-23.00 and weekend 09.00-18.00)  €  200,-  € 175,-  € 155,-  € 135,-  €  90,- €  35,-
  Juniors (10-16 years)  €  140,-  € 125,-  € 110,-  €   90,-  €  65,- €  30,-
  Mini’s (younger than 10 years)  €    80,-  €   66,-  €   61,-  €   54,-  €  45,- €  30,-
  Mini’s (younger than 6 years)  €    35,-  €   30,-  €   30,-  €   30,-  €  30,- €  30,-
  Administrationcosts  (only for new members) €     20,-  (not for mini’s)


FamilyCard  50% discount starting from the third familymember  Discount on the lowest membership fee (not valid for mini’s)  Valid from 7 till 23 years
WinterCard (from January 1st – April 1st, for the six all weather courts)  € 50,00
Membership is not including € 10,- for a club card and a can of tennisballs. Each member is automatically registered at the KNLTB (national foundation). * From September 1st the membership does not include KNLTBmembership and acan of tennisballs, but the membership is including administrationcosts and a club card

** Special introductionprice

These offers are for new young members, juniors, students/youngsters, seniors, special family packages, and for those who have the time to play tennis during the none busy hours which is our none peak hour membership.

Our park is situated in a nice green area with well-maintained clay courts and brand new smashcourts that can be played all year round. Our tennis club has an active committee that organizes many different activities such as theme tournaments, club championships and exchange tournaments with other tennis clubs. (hier dus die foto/filmpje).
If in doubt, come and have a try every Wednesday evening with the round robbins for free (maximum 2x). Experience our tennis club!

For more information or if you have any questions feel free to contact:
Ellen van Spaandonk: membership administration,

The Hague Tennis Hanenburg

HTV Hanenburg is a tennis club with about 250 members. The level of the players ranges from beginner (9) to advanced competition player (3). Our club is full of enthusiastic members, fun, lots of activities, and sportsmanship, beyond just playing tennis.

We are beautifully located in (Bojses van Pex) The Woods of Pex on Daal and Bergselaan, sheltered by the surrounding trees. Hanenburg tennis park has gravel and artificial grass courts which are fully lighted on every court. An excellent full time groundsmen provides for the high quality of the courts and it’s surroundings. Our clubhouse can be enjoyed by everyone outside of it’s playing tennis members. This means that not only do we cater to those that only play tennis with great food and drinks, but to all that have special engagements and parties. From the terrace outside the clubhouse, you have an central view of all the matches.

HTV Hanenburg is open from Monday to Friday from 08:30 to 23:00 and on weekends until 17:30. The club also organizes various activities outside these hours . Whether you are new, old, beginning, or advance, we have many activities that offer you to get acquainted with our club and it’s members within and outside of playing tennis.

The official tennis season runs from late March to mid-December, but we are open all year long.

Some of the activities

We bring you regularly all the news, activities, ins and outs of the club through newsletters. You can log on to the website (website). As a member, you receive one year booklet with the names, photos, and addresses, of all members and KNLTB (Dutch) tournament calendar.

The schedual for 2019 will be shown here from the spring time on.

For seniors (24 years and older):

  • Round Robbins(introductory); every Wednesday morning from 09.30 am and evening at 7:30 pm without any appointment. Getting acquainted with many different players, new and old. A new member can come and try on Wednesday twice for free.
  • Tournaments, throughout the year we organize, include a opening tournaments, an introductory tournament, and club championships.
  • Competition, our club participates in the nationwide tournament on Sundays, the districts competition on Saturdays. and the ladies competition on Tuesdays and Thursdays.
  • Training, We provide lessons and training at the tennis school Tennispark Hanenburg.

Season 2019

Membership at HTV Hanenburg includes membership KNLTB, so you can participate in the open tournaments and league. You can use the courts from the 1st of April until the end of December.

The fee must be paid within 30 days after the date of the invoice.

Introducing a friend

Introducing a friend is possible throughout the season. An all day pass for an Adults is € 7, and for Youth is € 4. You can introduce the same friend three times in a season.

How to join?

Fill out the registration form: REG.-FORM-FOR-MEMBERSHIP-2019 in the Dutch text and send this with 1 passport photograph to or bring it to the shop or the bar at our tennispark . Also for any questions!

You will receive an invoice and when the payment is received, and your membership card will be ready for you in the shop of Sportscenter Hanenburg.

If you can not print the registration form, you can do this with any person listed below, or at our shop.

You may join any time during the season by paying the entrance fees in the shop at the park, and please bring two passport photos with you or email or whatsapp your picture.